If you have allergies or you have a family member who suffers from this condition, then you’re probably aware that it can be hard to have a clean house sometimes. It’s partially because there’s always something to do, from having to clean the linens, drapes, carpets, etc. Allergies could emerge due to triggering allergens like harsh cleaning chemicals, dust mites, and pollen. To help you clean your carpet flooring and prevent experiencing allergies or asthma attacks in your home, check out the best tips for carpet cleaning in Burbank CA. 

Utilize green carpet cleaning products 

It’s important to use eco-friendly cleaning products and solutions to prevent asthma attacks or allergies from emerging. Going green can greatly help your environment to be a better place as well. You may also contact a reputable carpet cleaning company that only uses green carpet cleaning products to be safe. 

Don’t Use Hot Water Extraction Rental Vacuums  

If you’re allergic to mildew or mold, make sure not to use this type of vacuum. Take note that the majority of rental vacuums cannot properly suck up all the water that comes from your carpets. Consequently, the water gets absorbed within your carpet padding and eventually leads to the buildup of mildew and mold beneath your carpet. If this happens, it can trigger your allergies. Mildew and mold love damp and dark areas. Hence, make sure to never perform this method without any help from the experts. If you’re not sure about the available rental vacuums near you, contact a professional and ask for durable and effective equipment that can do its job well.  

Spot Clean Stains 

You should never allow any stains to remain on your carpet for a long time, particularly when it is wine, pet urine, or coffee. Otherwise, such things can cause your home to accumulate bad odors over time. They also tend to easily get absorbed within the padding of your carpet. Because of that, it’s best to make sure that you clean them up as soon as possible using a clean rag and immediately start blotting the affected area from the outside in. if you’re not sure how to properly clean and remove the stains safely without voiding your carpet warranty, contact the carpet cleaning experts ASAP to help you with that matter.  

Vacuum Carpets Regularly 

It is highly recommended to regularly vacuum your carpets at least 2-3 times every week if you want to prevent having any thriving dust mites within them. You can also track in unsolicited dust, grass, dirt, or other contaminants on your carpet by walking in your home with dirty shoes. For that reason, it would be better if you practice leaving your outdoor shoes out of your floor and place them in a mudroom. Or you can simply prevent walking on the carpet with your dirty flip-flops or shoes on. You also need to invest in a durable vacuum with HEPA filters and don’t forget to change out the filters and bags regularly.