Hope on Earth – A Conversation

Hope on Earth

Hope on Earth – A Conversation

The planet that you live in

The planet that you live inWhat is Earth all about? Is it about the humans that live on it? Is it about the animals that graze on its breasts? Is it about the fruits that we eat? Is it about the flowers that blossom?

Earth is about everything. We all matter to the planet. It is like you get what you give to the planet. If you are good towards it, you get good things. If you are bad towards it and you try to harm it in any way, it gives you pollution and other natural calamities.

Hope on Earth - A Conversation by Michael Charles TobiasHope on Earth: A Conversation is a life changing book that forces you to think about the planet that you live in. It is a thought-provoking result received by the conversation between two environmental scientists. Paul R. Ehrlich (the popular author of The Population Bomb, 1968) and Michael Charles Tobias (the popular and influencing author of more than 40 books and 150 films) are the two names that have associated together to come up with this book.

What is ‘Hope on Earth: A Conversation’ all about?

  • It is not a regular or ordinary book that you purchase from a random bookstore and read: Not everybody is interested in reading novels and stories; a reader like me would always prefer an informative book and that’s exactly what this book is all about. You get so much of information that you are satisfied by the end of it.
  • It revolves around the environmental catastrophe that the humans are heading towards: The humans are heading towards the ending. Most of the philosophers call it the beginning of the end of our planet. We are blessed with a beautiful planet, but we have no idea about how to handle it.
  • It explores dozens of reasons behind the deterioration of our planet: Population and pollution are the two main causes that are damaging our planet at the moment; the authors talk about the seriousness of these subjects in this book.
  • It is a book that has less of philosophies, but more of research work: When a book is written after a lot of research, it becomes a diary of information.
  • It is something that forces you to think about the planet that you are living in: You are forced to think about what you are doing to your very own planet.
  • It revolves around the concept of global warming: Several scientists and environmentalists talk about global warming and how it affects our Earth; this book talks about it too.

If you are tempted to buy this book, don’t wait for your salary. You can use your credit card to purchase this book from Amazon. Let us make our planet a better place to live in; let us not leave mere ruins of Earth for our children and theirs.


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