A Day in the Life of India

A Day in the Life of India

A Day in the Life of India

India: A Country Worth Visiting

India is not just about the Taj Mahal, it is also not just about people living in the slums, it is a country that has everything. No matter what you are looking for, this is the country that has it all for you. Whether you want to visit a sparkling restaurant constructed only for the elite class or you want to eat on a banana leaf sitting with others enjoying meals at temples, you just have to get into the right place for it.

A Day in the Life of India by Michael Tobias

 This is exactly what the book “A Day in the Life of India” stands differently from the other books written on this country. It revolves around every layer of the country and that’s what makes it so special.

This book is no casual book on the country that’s known for its culture, tradition and scenic beauty. This book is a photographic celebration of all those people who are important parts of the country. From chilly Ladakh to slums in Mumbai, from the Dalai Lama to the information that you have never read before, there is everything that you would want to know about India.

Why do I personally love this book so much?

  • Because it has never-seen-before pictures: If you want to see pictures that you have never seen before, this is your only chance. This book has pictures that give you the glimpse of real India. While most of the people think India is just about slums, this book helps them understand that it is much more than just about the things that you see on TV.
  • Because it has never-heard-before information: The information in this book is original and informative. You read things that you have never read before.
  • Because it goes back to the History of India: The History of this country is vast; you get to read about it in this book.
  • Because it is an encyclopedia with pictures: This is the best “coffee table” book ever.
  • Because you learn so much about the country before visiting it: If you are planning to visit India, this is a must-have book for you.
  • Because you can finally decide the part that you want to explore: There are various things mentioned in this book. When you read it, you can finally decide which parts of the country you want to visit.
  • Because the book makes me feel proud: Being an Indian, I feel amazed whenever I read this book and look at the pictures. The intricate details are mentioned so beautifully that you don’t feel like stopping to read it.

A day in the life of St. Simon SchoolIf you want to buy this book, make sure you buy it from Amazon. You can use your credit card to make the payment. Fasten your seatbelts to be a part of one of the most amazing books of its kind.

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