Spring is almost here. As a homeowner, you probably know what this means. It is time for you to tackle a couple of major home improvement projects. Chances are your neighbor is probably doing the same.  

One of the biggest home improvement projects you can tackle is your roofing. Perhaps you need to fix some leaks. Perhaps you need a complete roof replacement. It does not matter. You’ll have to hire a roofer and get an estimate.  

However, what if your roofing estimate is a lot higher compared to your neighbor? Well, there are a couple of reasons why this happens. If your roofing service in Blacksburg VA estimate is higher than your neighbor, here are several reasons to consider: 

Extra Services 

While it might appear obvious, it is crucial to consider if any extra work will be done along with the roof. Homeowners will choose to do additional work whenever flash loan code roofs are replaced. The reason for this is that it’s an excellent chance to do everything in a single shot. Obviously, it will show a difference if you compare a roof estimate with someone who also includes gutter services.  


If you and your neighbor’s house have both the same square footage but one has a more gradual slope and the other has a steep roof, the roof with a steeper pitch will be more expensive. The reason for this is that you will require more shingles if your roof has a steeper pitch since it has a bigger surface area. Roofers generate their estimates by calculating the overall surface area of your roof. While the interior surface area might be the same, the steeper roof is much bigger.  


Though it’s not possible to figure out with absolute certainty that you have to replace any plywood, a roof that has surpassed its expected lifespan might show indications of rotting plywood. A reliable roofer will examine the attic and roof before offering a roofing estimate. The roofer will include plywood in the overall cost if it is showing clear indications of rot.  


A lot of roofs constructed before the 50s have a material under known as “cedar shake”. The latest building code doesn’t permit shingles to be nailed to cedar shake. It isn’t an excellent surface for nails. It will lead to missing shingles down the line. That is why the roofer will have to get rid of the cedar shake and they’ll install a new wood underlayment. This will add to the overall cost.  


Extra layers of the roofing will increase the cost. If you get rid of the layers, it will only mean more waste. Getting rid of several layers is extremely labor-intensive. Oftentimes, older houses might have 3 layers. For every layer of shingles, the roofer will charge an extra fee. Thus, even if you’ve got the same house as your neighbor, you will still have a higher estimate if your roof has 2 layers and your neighbor only has 1. This is another thing to consider when removing a roof.