Kinship with the Animals

"Kinship with the Animals"

Kinship with the Animals

Animals and humans

How close are you to the animals that live in the nature? Animals are the most beautiful creations of the Creator. You feel amazed when you sit with some of the best creations. Research proves that if a depressed patient sits and plays with his pet for a few moments, he feels healed. You just have to spend some time with the animals that bring you back into your vortex.Animals and humans

Michael Tobias, Kate Solisti and William Shatner have come together to give some of the best examples of human-animal relationships.

"Kinship with the Animals"
“Kinship with the Animals”

You just have to get indulged into this book and you notice that you are feeling a lot better, already. If you are going through a hard time in your life, this book lets you know why it is important for you to have a pet or get along with the animals in the nature. After all, animals are a part of the nature and that’s what makes them so wonderful. They have their very own energy and that’s exactly what this book talks about.



Michael Tobias is the editor of the book, but he also shares a few of his personal experiences with a few beautiful animals. You can buy this book on Amazon using your credit card.

Wondering why you should read this book?

  1. Because it makes you realize how important it is for you to get along with animals: It is always the most wonderful thing when you spend time with some animals. This book talks about the same.
  2. Because this book has been written by artists, philosophers, scientists, lawyers and spiritual leaders: This book has not been written by people who know nothing about human-animal relationships; it has been written by professionals.
  3. Because animals provide you with all the happiness that you deserve: Animals make you feel good and that’s exactly why you need to read this book. It lets you know how relaxed you feel when you are with animals.
  4. Because you realize how wonderful it is to spend at least a few moments with animals: This book motivates the readers to be with animals at least for a few moments in a day.
  5. Because this book has been written after a whole lot of research work: There are books that are written without any research work and then there are books like this one that are written after a lot of research work.
  6. Because this book is a contribution and not another novel you’d be reading: If you want to read something that is real then this is the book that you’ve got to read. It is not a novel; it is an informative book.

If you want to improve your relationship with the animals in the nature, this is the book that you’ve got to read. It makes you feel wonderful about the existence of different species around the globe.


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