From There To Here: A Novel of Discovery is now available at Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats and at Smashwords in a variety of ebook formats.

This is the story of Jeremy Sparks, a man who has searched his whole life for the answers to two questions: Does God exist? And if so, does God communicate with us? After an early career spent in church ministry, he settles into a job as a small town newspaper columnist, thanks to a childhood friend. He uses his column and blog to attack the local churches for what he sees as selfish indulgence and ignoring the plight of the local poor. Then strange things begin happening to him and he wants to know why.

Seeking out trusted friends, he confesses to them his bitterness and admits that he no longer believes in God. Through their advice, along with the advice of a new friend and more strange events, he is eventually set upon a path that promises answers to his deepest questions….

Disclaimer: This book is not a casual read. It will probably provoke you and most likely challenge many of the beliefs you hold. Do not buy it if you’re looking for a simple feel-good story. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with stories like that, it’s just that this is not one of them.

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